Level: 4
Race: Deva
Size: Medium
Class: Shaman
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Height: 6’6
Background: Auspicious Birth
Weight: 220 lbs


Previous life broken flashback:

I can remember possessing clerical abilities. The church was angry. I could no longer trust them. They found me and were sure I would be eaten alive. The leopard spared me. I feel somehow connected to and protective over the leopard. They took everything. They will not stop. Take me. Spare my friend. Pardus… they’ve betrayed us both.

Wake up.


I scream as if waking from a nightmare. I am in a forest. A feeling of comfort comes over me and I am told to close my eyes. I am told that he has been waiting for me, and he will come whenever I call. The comfort begins to fade as I realize my life ended without the saints’ favor. My hands rush to my face expecting the fur covered animal head of the evil rakshasa. The voice laughs saying that though I am not in favor with the saints, neither is my heart evil.

“They have responded by marking your face with the same markings as mine. A constant reminder of the thin line you walk.”

“Now, we are to begin a new journey. There is a great evil that must be stopped. It is your destiny to one day join a small yet powerful group of diverse abilities and together save the future world from this rising evil. Everything will begin when you find yourself in a place called Salter’s Lode. There you will find Eleanor Austyn. First however, I believe someone else needs your help.”

I open my eyes as Pardus’s face fades away.

His face is replaced by someone else‘s…

It is the face of a beautiful child. A curious young nymph who has seen me materialize and meditate. Fascinated she stares at my unnatural stillness. Eventually, her curiosity takes over and she asks me who Pardus is, what my name is, if I have ever seen anything as pretty as her, and a continuous string of other questions. Her name is Lillian, and I am instantly befriended. Over the years to come she introduces me to all the ins and outs of the Fey. She loves to hear stories of the bits and pieces that come to me about my previous lives. I usually weave them into stories as the night takes over Salt Forest. Her favorite stories have always been about my life as a cleric, and she says one day she too will be a cleric, just like I used to be.

One day, when Lillian had reached adolescence, she found an emaciated and confused pixie. His name was Nymbul Thorn. He had recently escaped from a wizard after being put in a horrible game of monster wars. Apparently, the pixie had been enslaved since childhood, and knew nothing of the life of the Fey, or even Salt Forest. He stayed with us in Lillian’s care, and learned how to survive in this new world.

A few years later, we decided to venture out in search of Lillian’s long awaited clerical training. We came upon an human village at the edge of the forest. It was called Merseyshire. We met many interesting characters here. Two elves in particular were also wanderers visiting Merseyshire. One was a ranger named Pia. She was the daughter of the high noble in the Elven kingdom of Estelathrad, and was very eager to experience life outside of it‘s walls. She had striking red hair, and a hunger to prove her skills with her bow and arrow, seeming ready to stand up against anyone who may potentially obstruct her path. The elf accompanying her was quite different. His name was Eldaran Stormsong. He was a quiet soul, and I caught that he enjoyed the little gifts of nature by closing his eyes to fully enjoy a passing breeze, or chuckling at the dance of fireflies at night. There were also times when he shared that look typically in Pia’s eyes of rash courage, but they were always directed at someone looking at Pia. He seemed very protective of her, but made quite an effort to keep his distance. Of course, without this effort, he would likely have been upbraided by Lady Pia. That same night that we met them, I informed them of our journey. Pia was immediately charged and ready to join our adventure. After making sure that it would not be impeding our plans, Eldaran graciously agreed as well.

Later that night, I was consulting with the primal spirits, and was told that my young cleric to be was not to be a part of this journey. She was not yet a cleric, and needed to find herself before venturing out of the forest. I was heartbroken by this. Lillian had come to be like a child to me, the only child I could ever remember from any lifetime, being a Deva. When I told her the next morning Nymbul said that he would not leave her. She had rescued him when he was alone, and he could not bear to put her in such a state. At least they will have each other.

That morning the remaining three of us set out to Salter’s Lode. Here we met a wizard named Aramil. I immediately questioned him about monster wars, and upon hearing these details, decided it was probably better that Nymbul had not joined us. The wizard had never actually been to one, but had read about them and did not seem to be keen on the idea of such things. It was obvious that Aramil read a great deal, and told us that he had actually ventured to Salter’s Lode based on research he had done involving prophesies foretelling a fantastical group of four moving through time. He found it to be fascinating and hoped to meet them and dabble into the hows and whats of this new magic and strange traveling method. Eventually, he made a side note about how they would save the future world from evil rising to power. We joined forces immediately and set off to meet Eleanor Austyn.


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